Briefing Papers - Pre June 2010

As part of our service to local voluntary and community groups, HVA issues regular briefing notes and updates. You should feel free to circulate this information if you find it useful.


PDF icon Hastings Borough Council Community Partnership Finance and Voluntary Sector Commissioning Process (January 09) - P03182.73 KB
PDF icon Throwing the Baby out with the Bath Water - the shift from grant aid to commissioning (August 08) - P03090.27 KB
PDF icon Update on the Role of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (June 08) - P02991.95 KB
PDF icon Induction for Volunteers (Mar 08) - P02887.93 KB
PDF icon The Independent Safeguarding Authority (Jan 08) - P02791.81 KB
PDF icon Event Management (April 07) - P02685.56 KB
PDF icon Foundation Trusts (Aug 07) - P02577.6 KB
PDF icon Our health, our care, our say - White Paper (Nov 06) - P02475.57 KB
PDF icon TUPE - Transfere of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (Nov 06) - P02383.31 KB
PDF icon Youth Matters – The Green Paper for Youth (Jul 05) - P02283.29 KB
PDF icon Handling Employment Issues (Jul 05) - P02172.67 KB
PDF icon New National Audit Office Report Published (Jul 05) - P02081.64 KB
PDF icon What is Community Cohesion and why is it important? (May 05) - P01980.56 KB
PDF icon Employment Law Update May 2005 – Preventing Illegal Working (May 05) - P01870.37 KB
PDF icon New Charities Bill – Published 21st December 2004 (Dec 04) - P01779.44 KB
PDF icon Everything you wanted to know about Local Area Agreements - LAAS (Nov 04) - P01675.18 KB
PDF icon Managing Conflicts of Interest (Nov 04) - P01577.51 KB
PDF icon Economic Inclusion The Social Way (Oct 04) - P01481.91 KB
PDF icon Creating a Limited Company (Incorporation) (Oct 04) - P01384.86 KB
PDF icon Legal Status of Volunteers (Aug 04) - P01278.85 KB
PDF icon Greater Community Involvement in Land Use Planning (Aug 04) - P01173.9 KB
PDF icon Understanding The “Futurebuilders” Programme (Aug 04) - P01081.17 KB
PDF icon Briefing on Public Health Report 2004 (Jul 04) - P00978.45 KB
PDF icon Disability Discrimination Act Challenges for Voluntary Sector (May 04) - P00898.56 KB
PDF icon Employment Regulations – Sexual Orientation (Dec 03) - P00770.46 KB
PDF icon GP Out Of Hours Arrangements (Nov 03) - P00667.35 KB
PDF icon Patient Choice 2003 (Oct 03) - P00579.85 KB
PDF icon Funding Information (Oct 03) - P00470.59 KB
PDF icon Patient Involvement In Health (Oct 03) - P00379.37 KB
PDF icon Data Protection Scam (Sept 03) - P00267.49 KB
PDF icon Employment Act 2003 (Sept 03) - P00172.65 KB
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