New Membership Application Form 2017



This form covers the information we need to consider your eligability to join HVA in 2017.  Please fill out the whole of this form before you press the 'save' button at the bottom of the screen. In some cases you may want to print the form off first and write out the answers before filling out the form online. As part of our membership process we ask all organizations to confirm that they comply with our membership criteria, these can be viewed in a separate window by clicking on the following link : HVA Membership Criteria

Even if you do not want us to publish your details, we still need an email address for you to be able to update this record at a later date.
If you have a facebook page for your group, please share that information here.
If your organisation has a twitter page, you can include the weblink here.
Please use this section to tell us about the aims, activities and services you carry out. This information is included in our print and online directory - please do not use more than 150 words.
To help people get in contact with your organization, please tell us the days and times when your services or activities take place.
Please select NO MORE THAN FOUR of the following boxes which most closely describe the activity your organization is involved in.
If you crossed more than one box in the question above, please tell us which selection from the list below best describes the main activity your organization is involved in.
If you DO NOT want your organization included in our paper and online Directory of Voluntary and Commmunity Organisations tell us here. If you do want to be included, make sure ALL the details up to this point are ones you want published before you say 'yes' to this question.
To qualify for HVA membership, a group needs to meet ALL of the following requirements:
Please select an option from the drop-down menu below, which best describes the structure of your organization
If your answer to the question above was 'Other' please specify
HASTINGS COMMUNITY NETWORK Membership of Hastings Community Network (HCN) is free and open to all HVA members. HCN’s aim is to influence the development and provision of services to our community by organising events, promoting communication between members and representing their views to local decision-makers.
Please tell us your name, so that we know who the last person was to update your organization's membership form. This will help us if we need to get back to you concerning any details.
Organizations that are members of HVA are required to comply with our membership criteria, a link to our criteria can be found just below this question. Please confirm that you have read these and and feel your organisation complies in the current year.

You can view a pdf of the HVA Membership Criteria here.

Once this form is complete, please press the SAVE button on this page, so that we know your organization has completed the membership renewal process for this year. Once you have pressed the SAVE button, you should see a thank you page displaying the changes you have made.

Many thanks - John Humphries HVA Information Officer ( 01424 444010)