Email Forwarding

You may have been sent a link to this page because you wanted an email and attachment 'batch forwarded' using our email address data. We don't do this because  it results in us sending people far too many unsolicited communications of varying file sizes. Doing this is unacceptable to many people who have provided us with their email details specifically to receive Hastings Community News or other occasional publications.

We also believe that simply because email provides a free opportunity to send a great many communications to a great many people, this does not necessarily mean it is the best way to meet peoples information needs.

Changes in the web over the past decade mean that increasing numbers of people want to self select the types of information they receive, the way in which they receive it and how frequently it arrives. Currently members of HVA and people connected with the voluntary and community sector in Hastings are choosing to have information sent to them in a range of ways: 

  • monthly in an electronic or paper based newsletter
  • choosing to read the front page news items on our website, which originate from the RSS feed on our site
  • checking against calendar items on our google calendar
  • subscribing directly to our blog feed so that news items appear instantly on their aggregator, saving them the need to constantly check back against our site.
  • through our facebook group, where there are regular postings and occasional messages sent out.

In most circumstances, to be concise and also to avoid repeating what has already been written, we try to provide brief notifications with a couple of lines of explanatory text and most importantly we include a link to where people can download those other details from the web. So if you've got more than a couple of lines of information you want people to know about, then please put them on your website and send us two or three lines of text plus a link.

Using Hastings Community News to help to get your message across

If you are a voluntary or community organisation in Hastings and you have joined HVA, you are very welcome to send us up to 150 words of free copy that you would like to see included in our newsletter. Please have a read through our Guidelines for Submitting Newsletter Copy for useful tips to make the most of this service.

If your group is not a member of HVA the first thing you need to do is fill out an application form for free annual membership. A membership application form and further details can be found here.

If you are part of a statutory sector organisation - which cannot become a member of HVA - we would still be happy to include some plain text copy, if you are offering our membership some useful information that helps their work as groups and organisations.

Getting people to view your own documents

If you feel people need to view your own files as well as receive the 150 words you submit to us as copy, then you will need to upload these files to your own website and include details of the dynamic link in the text that you send to us.

It is worth learning how to do this since sending out links (as opposed to entire documents) will make your emails smaller, increase the chances that something useful is included in other peoples e-bulletins and will also help draw people to your own website.

If you decide to treat attachments like this, please do still remember that 300 copies of our newsletter still go out in paper format, so you will still need to include the essential contact details in the body of the text supplied with the link. Otherwise, people who read the paper form of our newsletter will not be able to make any sense of your article.