Fundraising using the internet

The internet is increasingly becoming a useful way for voluntary and community groups to raise money.


Sponsored events and donations

As an alternative to passing a sponsor form around, some people use web platforms such as Justgiving. Friends and family near and far can make donations, and the sponsor page can be promoted by email and social networking tools. Although there is a charge for this service, these sites claim any Gift Aid due, which some people find more economical than doing it themselves.


Shopping online

If you or your supporters already shop online, you can raise money for your good cause by shopping via a portal such as


Search engines

Rather than using your usual search engine, some search engines such as everyclick donates roughly a penny every time you use it.



Some people use auction sites such as ebay to help them sell special donated goods, like a hi-tech jumble sale or car boot sale. Often to selling price is higher as the auction site reaches potential buyers throughout the UK or even the world!


If you have tried other ways of fundraising using the internet, please let us know. What has been successful or unsuccessful? Please contact us.