Hastings Community News

Whether you want to know about The Big Society or small grants, Hastings Community News keeps you informed about the changes affecting voluntary and community groups  in our town. Download the latest editon of Hastings Community News from the bottom of this page.

If you are involved with the Voluntary and Community sector in Hastings (either through the paid or unpaid work you do) you can request our e-publications by visiting the 'publications' page of this site.

This is a free monthly newsletter providing news about local activities and issues which local voluntary and community groups take part in. It also provides a platform for the promotion of good practice, funding opportunities and new policies which affect the voluntary and community sector.

Back editions of Hastings Community News are now being added to the bottom of this page. The archive of all the editions will eventually go back to April 2002.

Submitting Articles

We try to include all articles which are likely to have a relevance to voluntary and community organisations. If you are sending us items for publication, we have now produced some handy tips on writing copy which can increase the likelihood of all you write being included.

Paid Advertising Inserts

We also provide a paid advertising service - at  a reduced rate for HVA members - where we distribute your own leaflets as 'inserts' together with a PDF of the same leaflet to go out with Hastings Community News by email. More information is available on the paid advertising page of our website.