HVA charging structure for training

HVA has a strong track record of providing affordable training for local voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises, and we believe that training is often an efficient way of upskilling individuals and empowering organisations. However HVA’s funding continues to be squeezed, and we increasingly need to target what limited resources we have.
Therefore we have adopted a charging structure which we hope is affordable. We do not want small grassroots organisations to be prevented from accessing our training because of the cost of the training, so for small HVA member organisations most of our training is free. We have been able to do this by securing funding from East Sussex County Council, the local NHS and Hastings Borough Council to subsidise most of HVA's training sessions. We anticipate that this charging structure will be cost neutral.

HVA’s charging structure for training is therefore normally based on the size and nature of your organisation:
  • Cost band A = Small HVA member organisations with a turnover of less than £100,000
  • Cost band B = Large HVA member organisations with a turnover of £100,000 or more
  • Cost band C = Non-member organisations and public sector
  • Cost band D = Private sector
If you want to discuss your specific circumstances contact HVA's Deputy Director on 01424 444010 or email peter@hvauk.org.