TIES Business Support Officers (BSOs)

TIES Business Support Officers (BSOs) are exploring ways East Sussex’s VCS groups can benefit from improved connections with the business community.
There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the county’s business community that lies waiting to be tapped for the advantage of VCS groups. Equally, the local business community can learn and benefit from closer ties with the VCS. With this in mind, the BSOs are developing new lines of communication so East Sussex’s VCS groups can access valuable benefits. These benefits may include reduced rates on services for charities, VCS training from private sector professionals, or perhaps even private sector employees being seconded to VCS groups for project work.
The BSOs are working to pin down exactly which types of expertise would benefit VCS groups the most, and identify businesses that can provide them. This is where we need your input.
So the BSOs can focus their efforts on finding businesses and professionals that have the expertise you need, they need to know what you want. Do you need help with:

  • Legal advice
  • Risk assessments
  • IT support
  • Employment Matters
  • Help lowering your carbon footprint
  • Project management

You may even have a need for specialist support we haven’t thought of yet. Businesses and VCS groups have a lot to learn from each other, and by working together they can strengthen the local economy and make East Sussex an even more vibrant place to live and work.
The Business Support Officers are actively working to benefit you, so get in touch and tell them where you want them to focus their attention. To discuss the professional support you need, contact Business Support Officer, Angela Alexander on 01424 217259 or email angela.alexander@rothervoluntaryaction.org.uk


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