Dating App Chicktok Starts Community Service Fund

The popular dating app Chicktok has announced that it will be donating 100% of its profits for the next three months to a new community service fund. The company says they have decided to make this move after reviewing user data and learning what members of their platform care about most, which is helping those in need.

“We’ve learned that our users really value the idea of giving back,” said a spokesperson from Chicktok. “That’s why we’re making a large donation to the community service fund.”

Chicktok’s founder told us he created his app as an alternative to traditional dating sites because he felt there was something missing from them. He wanted to create an environment where people could meet for more than just romantic pursuits. While the app is for finding hookups and sharing nudes, his goal was to foster a sense of community and give everyone a chance to help others instead of only focusing on themselves.

Over the past few years, Chicktok has experienced tremendous growth. Their mobile app has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide and they now have over 3 million active members who use the site at least once per month. This number continues to grow with every passing year. In fact, Chicktok has seen significant increases in recent months due to their ongoing charitable endeavors. According to the company, their users are passionate about helping those less fortunate and many of them have expressed interest in taking part in charity events or volunteering their time.

“Our community service efforts have been very well received by our users,” said the Chicktok spokesman. “It seems like people want to see us do more.”

In addition to being able to donate money to charitable causes, users can also take part in volunteer opportunities. They can sign up for events that will allow them to help out in areas such as the homeless shelter or food bank. For example, Chicktok recently partnered with a local organization called ‘Feeding San Diego‘ which provides meals to the homeless and needy on the streets of the city. During one event, hundreds of volunteers came together to assemble several hundred sandwiches. Afterwards, the group distributed the sandwiches to the homeless along with bottled water and other items.

“The response has been incredible,” said the founder. “People love getting involved with projects that are important to them. We’ve had some members go above and beyond and organize their own events.”

This new feature is available on all platforms so anyone who wants to participate can join in. There’s no cost to sign up and people don’t even need to have a profile in order to get started. However, they do need to check the box indicating they would like to receive email updates when opportunities arise.